Gîtes d'Etape

Kaleo Accomodation

Arbrefontaine "La Ruche"

8 beds - Les Marottes, 47-48 - 4990 Lierneux

Contactez-nous (123.2€ - 224€)

A propos du gîte

Situated in the centre of a small, picturesque village between Vielsam and Lierneux, not far from Coo and Stavelot (20km), the Kaleo accommodation Arbrefontaine is set amongst the greenery, and its proximity to the woods makes it an ideal base for a variety of walking or cycling trails, as well as a number of outdoor activities.

For small groups, "La Ruche" and the "Petite Maison" can together accommodate up to 21 people. While the main "École" building alone has 53 beds. The entire establishment can accommodate up to 74 people.

The 2 Kaleo accommodations Arbrefontaine, as well as their gardens, are attached

  • Number of beds

    8 beds

  • Rooms

    1 room

Train: Gare de Vielsalm (7km)


Prices and booking

Please contact the manager of the accomodation for any reservations.

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Phone: +32 2 209 03 00

Fax: +32 2 223 03 89

E-mail: info@kaleo-asbl.be