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Kaleo Hostel


104 beds - Judenstrasse 79 - 4700 Eupen

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A propos du gîte

The Kaleo hostel Eupen has a welcoming, modern atmosphere with great food, making an unforgettable stay!

This hostel is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility thanks to an access ramp, a lift, spacious rooms and adapted sanitary facilities. Located in the heights of Eupen, capital of the German-speaking community at the heart of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, it forms the link between the city and the Fens, between the Eupen and Gileppe dams, and between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

The opportunity to go on an adventure and rediscover a splendid region and a little-known culture, alone or in a group, with friends or family!

  • Number of beds

    104 beds

  • Rooms

    28 rooms

Gare: Gare d'Eupen (1 km)



  • Internet

  • Showers


  • Board games

  • Canteen



  • Garden

  • Petanque

Things to Do

In the area

  • Walks

    GR 563, 573 et 15N

Prices and booking

Please contact the manager of the accomodation for any reservations.

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Phone: +32 87 55 31 26

E-mail: eupen@kaleo-asbl.be